Performance Consult & Screening


Who needs a Performance screening?

  • You always get injured during the season and want to know how to prevent this
  • Pre-season check to see if you're body is up for the challenges
  • Mid-season check to prevent overuse injuries
  • End-season check to see if your body is still in good condition
  • You don't improve in certain areas of your game, but you can't figure out why
  • You want to improve certain areas of your performance, but you don't know how

What do we do during a screening?

  • Revise your problem & goals
  • Body assessment to determine any risks / obstructions
  • Analysis of found data in comparison to your injury / performance problems
  • Advice on how to improve risk areas & how to work on performance

Performance checks helps me keep ahead of the game. It helps me to understand my body better and how to use it. This has given me a lot more confidence and it shows in my performance.

Performance Consult & Screening costs

€ 76
per consultation
Detailed Physical Assessment
In depth analysis
Movement Screening and chain analysis
Advice / Solutions to strengthen the problem areas